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"Antonio gave me the best highlights of my life and a great cut! I love that he only treated the roots (mine were WAY grown out) and thus minimized additional damage to my hair. We agreed to lose the bottom 3 to 4 inches of "haystack" that had seen years and years of highlights. Now my hair feels like silk, something that I had been trying in vain to achieve with every conditioner on the market! I genuinely had a good time talking to him, he really is the complete package." 

 Recent hair styles, cuts & colors.

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Santa Fe Hair Styles, Cuts & Colors

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Santa Fe Hair Salon
Antonio Specializes in hair color and color correction, He offers no toxic and non caustic Hair Color.

All hair color has chemical. It will have ammonia or some other chemical to open the cuticle. There is ammonia free color to keep the cuticle down and stain the outer layer of the hair shaft for color blending, grey blending, and toning Balayage gone wrong. There are more company's providing hair color offering all natural hair color, ask for the full ingredient list and do your home work. Then there are the developers.

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